Conrado "Charry" Garcia

Music for the spirit; music for the soul


Born in 1957 in Chile, Conrado at the age of 13 began playing Andean music. Around the age of 22, he began touring South America performing at concerts and theaters.

In 1979 he joined his first band, Guamary.

In 1984 he recorded his first album as a member of the band Arak Pacha.

In 1989, he joined the Altiplano band recording more original music, who toured Europe for several years, visiting Norway, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, and Romania. They recorded several Albums, including the tiles; Misa Andina, Dialogo Con Atlantest, 500 Anos, and others.

In 1999 he began performing Latin music with the band Solazo in the United States until 2001.

After that, he began performing at Renaissance Festivals in the US with the band Cantiga, where he played Renaissance music mixed with his own personal Andean flavor. He later joined the New World Renaissance Band, which included the musician Owen Phyfe, becoming his Musical Director for the album Lagrimae de Sangria.

Since 2009 he has been performing solo, recording the album Luna Andina "Andean Moon".

To this day he continues to perform at Renaissance and Musical Festivals across the United States, including the Scarborough Renaissance Festival in Texas, as well as other various festivals in Pennsylvania, Texas, and Florida,

He has already begun recording  his new album to be released in October of 2011.